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Comprehensive  Volunteer and Charitable Works Bio

Steve Theriault was born in Hartford, Connecticut in June 1960 and grew up in the formerly small but growing town of Southington, Connecticut.  Steve now lives in his favorite spot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Besides his role as organizer of Connecticut Citizens Against Corruption (CCAC), Conn. Citizens Against Overdevelopment (CCAO) and Southington Citizens Against Overdevelopment (SCAO), he has recently begun two new national organizations Americans Against Overdevelopment (AAO) and American Citizens Against Corruption (ACAC) as well as the world-wide International Citizens Against Corruption and Overdevelopment (ICACO). Steve currently has plans to start Florida Citizens Against Corruption and Overdevelopment.  Theriault has been an author and blogger at the AVENGER/EQUALIZER BLOG on his website and on Facebook and Tumblr. Until recently, He was also Public Relations chair and in charge of Quinnipiac River Watershed Associations former Q RiverWATCH program which sought to uncover violations and destruction to the river and the watersheds natural resources. Theriault also helped out with conservation advocacy and various events including educational canoe/kayak programs and was actively involved in recruiting new members to the QRWA (located in Meriden, CT) and was a n active member on the Board of Directors. Steve recently was nationally certified as a USCA canoe instructor, one of only three in the state of Connecticut. Theriault is also noted for his past role as Executive Director of the QRWA, from 1987 to 1990, where he increased membership more than 1,000% and argued before the Commissioner of the State DEP to protect the Quinnipiac River from potentially destructive water diversions. Theriault also has volunteered as a preserve monitor at The Nature Conservancy (Connecticut Chapter), Birthright of Greater Hartford and Greater Meriden (which counsel pregnant women to avoid abortion), St. Vincent DePaul Homeless Shelter in Waterbury, Summit at Plantsville (a Southington nursing home where he ran a Spiritual Hour) as well as being on the board of directors of the Southington Land Conservation Trust, and formerly a member and chairman of the Field Trip Committee, Membership Committee and a member of the Land Acquisition Committee. While living in Tallahassee, Florida, Theriault was a Big Bend Hospice volunteer working with terminally ill patients. Theriault has also volunteered with various church organizations, including Central Baptist Church in Southington and St. Aloysius Parish in Plantsville. Theriault has been a pro bono Christian (Biblical) Counselor and Evangelist with Practical Christian Counseling/Spread the Word Ministries. Theriault has completed courses in Wetland Ecology and Biogeography at Wesleyan University in Middletown and Wetlands of the Big Bend at Florida State University in Tallahassee.  Steve also was involved with running various groups with The Single Event and  where he helped start a very successful Volleyball group, which later became part of Meetup and ran hiking, social night out and relationship discussion groups.

Currently besides his recent work with the QRWA and (formerly) Southington Land Conservation Trust, Theriault volunteered for 8 years at a local food bank run by the Town of Southington Community Services Department, giving out groceries to the needy, a former Diversified Duty and Pastoral/Spiritual Care volunteer at Connecticut Hospice in Branford, Connecticut, the nations first Hospice, and he was an active campaign organizer and canvasser for Hillary Clintons Presidential Campaign, Hillary for America (and Hillary for New Hampshire, Keene) and the national, state and local Democratic Party. He formerly worked as a campaigner for Dannel Malloy for Governor in 2014 and Bill Curry for Governor in 1994, and in Tallahassee on the campaigns of Bill Clinton for President, in 1996 and Congressman Allen Boyd (D-FL, 2nd District) and Florida State Representative Marjorie Turnbull, (D-Tallahassee, 9th District). Theriault has recently founded and organized a new citizens group in Southington called Southington Citizens Against Overdevelopment (SCAO) on Facebook and he is active in promoting conservation and other issues on social media and the Internet, print media, and broadcast media. In 2001, Theriault authored a Christian guide called The Practical Guide to Real Christianity, which has been available on and He has also revitalized The Equalizer, Christian Advocacy and Investigation, which is a solo venture to help root out unethical, hateful, anti-Christian and corrupt organizations and individuals. Another solo venture is The Avenger ( ) which seeks to avenge evil and corruption through non-violent advocacy and intervention and includes the "Avenger/Equalizer Blog". He also donates blood and platelets (apheresis) to the American Red Cross (1-800-GIVE-LIFE). Theriault recently started The Order of the Phoenix, a take-off from the Harry Potter book/movie series. The group is for those who have had a difficult life or who want to stop evil and promote justice, just like Harry Potter would do. He has also begun the Avenger/Equalizer Blog on his website and on Facebook and Tumblr. Theriault also is driving cancer patients to radiation and chemotherapy appointments as a "Road to Recovery" driver for the American Cancer Society.

In addition to environmental courses at Wesleyan and Florida State, Theriaults education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT, a Juris Doctor (Law) Degree from Western New England University School of Law in Springfield, MA (where he was President of the Student Bar Association, Staff Writer on the student newspaper, as well as member of the Environmental Law Coalition), Bible training at New England School of the Bible in Southington, CT (where he excelled at courses in counseling and New Testament studies) and is currently undertaking self-study in Public Policy, Environmental Policy, Environmental Studies, Biology and Ecology, Health Care Policy, Foreign Policy and Political Science, etc. Theriault ran (unsuccessfully) as a candidate for the Town of Southington Board of Finance with the Southington Democratic Town Committee. Theriault no longer practices law but was formerly admitted to the Florida Bar, where he briefly practiced as a Legal Aid Attorney with the Tallahassee Bar Association, and also passed the Connecticut Bar Exam. Theriault previously did an environmental law internship with the Connecticut Attorney Generals Office, Environmental Division. He also volunteered at John U. Lloyd State Park in Dania, FL helping to remove invasive species. Also, in law school, he took part in a Consumer Protection Clinic, working with local and state officials to help consumers with complaints against businesses. Theriault has also taught religious education (CCD) to 8th and 9th graders at St. Aloysius R.C. Parish, Plantsville, CT as well as joining and volunteering in the Holy Name Society. In his senior year at Southington High School, Theriault was elected to the National Honor Society. Until 2017, Steve was an American Red Cross Blood Services, Media Relations and Disaster Services volunteer.

STEVE HAS BEGUN "LOVE HEALING SERVICES" specializing in healing traumatized females or anyone who would benefit from Love Healing.  

See Facebook group page, Love Healing Services and up and coming website,


From 2003 to 2008 Steve was Mental Health Manager/Clinical Supervisor/Recovery Specialist/Monitor for Mercy Housing & Shelter Corp. in Hartford, CT. He managed 34 staff and up to 36 clients in supervised housing programs over his five and a half years employed. Before Mercy, Theriault was briefly in sales as a Sales Associate for Southington Daewoo, and Advertising Sales Representative for the Law Tribune Newspapers in Hartford, CT. Before that Theriault was Accounts Administrator at Independent Financial Marketing Group/Liberty Financial & Webster Bank Investment Services in Waterbury/Bristol, CT, where he was a licensed financial/stock broker (Series 7, 63 & annuities licenses). Theriault also traveled internationally as Agent for International Profit Associates, Inc. based outside of Chicago, IL where he performed comprehensive business analysis. Steve has had many temporary administrative assignments with various agencies since law school. Before that he was Executive Director of the QRWA, as shown above. During college Theriault worked summers as a carbide grinding machine operator for Fansteel/VR Wesson in Plantsville. After undergraduate studies, Theriault also was a paid canvasser and fundraiser for the Connecticut Citizens Action Group, in Hartford. In 1983, he also battled brush fires on Ragged Mountain in Southington and Berlin for the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (now the Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection) During the 80s Theriault also was a free-lance photographer and graphic camera operator for the Meriden Record-Journal and traveled nationally as a photographer for Connecticut Laminating Company in New Haven (specializing in I.D. cards). After college, Theriault was a Substitute Teacher with the Southington Board of Education in Southington, CT, covering K through 12th grade. During his years at Southington High School, he crushed glass at the Southington Recycling Center, run by the Town of Southington, Connecticut.

Theriault has also worked as SteveTheriault Enterprises, which are for-profit business ventures which also serve to help people in various ways, including restarting Practical Christian Counseling (PCC), also Steves Computer Software Troubleshooting (SCST), including simple web design and basic computer training in conjunction with a local computer repair company, and  and in the future he will start, if necessary, job search and resume help services, blog and other writing services, photography, public relations, environmental and political consulting and other professional/personal management businesses, as well as private canoe lessons (Steve is certified as a canoe instructor by the USCA). Steve is also available as a speaker/lecturer. See Facebook page SteveTheriault Enterprises and the Avenger/Equalizer Blog, here and on Facebook and Tumblr, for more information and prices for various services. In past years, Steve sold Honey Baked Hams and sold collection systems for Amerassist A/R out of Ohio. Steve was in 2016 employed as a POLITICAL CANVASSER for the Connecticut Working Families Party in Hartford, CT where he campaigned and supported progressive candidates who care about the working and middle class who want FAIR WAGES and FAIR TAXATION. Theriault is a perennial canvasser for the national, state and local political candidates and is a moderate supporter of various progressive and pro-life causes.  Formerly  a petitioning unaffiliated/independent candidate for CT State Senate, 16th District (2018).   Steve currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he continues Avenger-Equalizer blog and non-profit citizens groups. Steve has currently been employed by Teleperformance USA/United Health Care as a Call Center Agent trainee in North Lauderdale, FL.