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Southington Native Announces Independent/Unaffiliated Bid for State Senate but Shuts Down Campaign for Lack of Signatures, Asks Voters to Write Him In

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Southington Native Announces Independent/Unaffiliated Bid for State Senate but Shuts Down Campaign for Lack of Signatures, Asks Voters to Write Him In

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October 9, 2018

SOUTHINGTON, CONN.—An experienced environmentalist and Christian social advocate has thrown his hat in the ring as an independent/unaffiliated petitioning candidate for Connecticut’s 16th District Senate race. Steve Theriault, a mostly life-long resident of Southington had hoped to outpoll the established parties in this District which Chris Murphy once represented and which Joe Markley currently represents. The 16th District includes Southington, Wolcott, parts of Cheshire and Waterbury and all of Prospect. Theriault has a broad array of education and experience but has only run once previously and unsuccessfully, for political office in a Southington municipal race. The unaffiliated candidate spent the month of July and part of August seeking signatures to get on the November 6th ballot. However, upon final count, Theriault was approximately 25 signatures short of the 476 needed to petition his way onto the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate, having collected 501 signatures. Almost 10% of the signatures he personally collected were not from registered voters which Theriault said makes him mad. “Those unregistered people who told me they were registered cost me a place on the ballot and cost the people of the district an honest, independent voice in Hartford.” The candidate says that people who have supported him can still write his name in if they so choose. “Write-in campaigns hardly ever win, but the electorate can show its displeasure with the regular parties by writing in a top-notch independent/unaffiliated candidate like myself,” Theriault said.


The candidate said his platform was based on honest, transparency and good government, with financial accountability as one of the most important issues confronting the legislature this year. Theriault also is in favor of fair wages and an increase in the minimum wage to a living wage and fair taxation, with those able to pay shouldering their fair share. He also wants to streamline government and cut waste from the budget. “I call myself a Pro-life progressive” in the sense that I abhor abortion but don’t want to criminalize women who have been wronged by the male establishment for so long, but I want fairness and common sense legislation to replace the special interest politics we have now.”

Theriault has a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Connecticut and a Juris Doctor (Law) degree from Western New England University School of Law. Theriault abandoned the practice of law after briefly doing pro bono legal aid work when he lived in Tallahassee, Florida. He has extensive political experience on the front lines—having personally canvassed in Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut for various local, state and national candidates. Theriault also has an extensive volunteer history with local, state and national charities, including pro bono Christian Counseling and evangelism and calls himself a “Christian Environmentalist”. He was Executive Director of the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association in the late 80’s and has worked in Investment Banking, receiving brokerage licenses, and Social Services, rising to Manager of Mental Health Services at Mercy Housing & Shelter Corp. in Hartford supervising 34 employees and 36 residents with serious mental health and addiction issues. A complete and extensive Bio of Theriault’s volunteer and employment experience and his political platform were available on the campaign’s website (shut down on 9/23) at He has posted the platform on his blogsite is . He can be contacted at [email protected] or by telephone or text at 860-302-8099 if any registered voter in the District would like more information about the candidate. The candidate says he may try again in 2020!

Stephen M. Theriault is the author of The Practical Guide to Real Christianity and is organizer/founder of International Citizens Against Corruption and Overdevelopment, one of many groups he has begun. (on Facebook) and Avenger-Equalizer blog. Avenger/Equalizer Blog: (also on Facebook and Tumblr, as well as TheJesusReport blog found only on Tumblr.) I am @stevetheriault9 on On Instagram, look for stevetheriault463.


Summary Candidate Platform from my State Senate race

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State Senate Platform of Steve Theriault (Write-ins still welcome on 11/6)

1. Independence. I am a “Pro-Life Progressive” or a “Conservative-Green-Progressive” who takes the good from each side of the political spectrum. I am independent of the major parties and am running as an unaffiliated candidate. I will vote my conscience and be responsive to the needs of my constituents. No special interests, party funding or corporate or PAC money.

2. Moral values and progressive credentials: As a Christian “Progressive” I plan to work with both parties on issues common to all of us. I have supported progressive candidates in the past (and some conservatives) and I am a fan of Bernie 2020 (although I am don't consider myself a socialist and I am not in 100% agreement with his more radical positions). I cut across the grain and take the good from each side of the political spectrum. Even though I disagree with many of his positions on issues, I got along well with my predecessor in the 16th District, Joe Markley.

3. Good Government. My first order of business is to work to clean up the political system from the evils of corruption, influence-peddling, corporate avarice and special interests of all kinds. I pledge to introduce bills to make sure our legislators work for the people, not well-heeled special interests. I will also strive to make the executive branch accountable. I am a devout Christian and my platform reflects my beliefs and integrity. We must implement nationwide Campaign Finance Reform and overturn Citizens United. I will accept no money or favors from special interests, corporate or other PACs or any other interest which might compromise my objectivity and resolution to represent my constituents and my conscience.

4. Tolls. I reluctantly support the proposed electronic tolling which will receive income from out of state drivers, only if we have an exemption or tax credit to reduce the cost to our own already burdened middle-class taxpayers.

5. Budget trimming and management: I will work to find savings from efficiency and trimming waste from bloated budgets but restoring important programs which truly are necessary for the health and well being of our citizens.

6. Tax fairness. Taxation should not burden the working and middle classes. The wealthy and corporations should pay their fair share of the tax burden, while providing for a positive climate for job growth. Also, we must end unfair corporate subsidies. Corporate “welfare” and various tax breaks or other “special” incentives often are political motivated by corrupt influence and short-term, selfish, greedy thinking.

7. Wage and income fairness. Women and men should make the same amount for the same work and the minimum wage should be a living wage. Paid family and medical leave and sick leave should be mandatory.

8. Environmental Protection. Thirdly, I will work on protecting and conserving our precious environment, an issue with which I am knowledgeable and concerned. We must guard our resources, natural areas, bio-diversity, shoreline and Sound, rivers and lakes, clean air, inland and coastal wetlands as well as to work to reduce carbon emissions and protect ourselves from climate change.

9. Government for All the People, including the undocumented. I will tolerate no deviance from a policy of government honesty, openness, integrity, fairness, and compassion toward all our citizens and residents. I believe those “illegally” in residence in our State deserve our compassion and caring.

10. Gun Violence: We must close the loopholes to universal background checks and we must find a way to limit access to assault -type weapons and cop-killer bullets. School shootings must stop.

11. Financial reform. I will also work, to ensure that our financial, banking, insurance and investment sectors made to work for the consumer and small business borrower.

12. Educational Excellence for all Students. I will also begin to look closely at our educational system and the tax-dollars which support it. Education begins in the family and in the values of our citizens, not in expensive new equipment, programs and facilities. Schools, colleges and universities should be teaching our students how to think, solve problems, and take responsibility. Public education and teachers should be supported and encouraged to provide quality education to all students, regardless of financial or cultural background. We should support our public education collective bargaining rights.

13. Legal reforms: I believe through experience that our legal system is corrupt, inefficient and works for the benefit of lawyers’ incomes, not the public for whom it was designed to serve. The system is inexorably slow, fraught with confusion, waste, and double-talk. I will work to ensure that bills get passed which make the law work for the average citizen and small business owner, rather than the large corporations who can afford large-well-connected law firms.

14. Criminal justice and abortion: I abhor abortion and do not believe capital punishment is effective or ethical, as practiced. We are often hypocritical in punishing minor “street” crimes, for political reasons, harshly, while letting major illegal activities (i.e. white collar crimes) go unpunished or underpunished. Although I detest the termination of an unborn child's life, I do not believe we should criminally punish women and therefore, I am not calling for overturning Roe v. Wade. Reproductive education and reasonable efforts at controlling pregnancies with contraception should be implemented instead.

15. Mental Health and Addiction: We need insurers and providers to ensure that we as a society provide prompt and effective counseling, medication and treatment for mental illness and substance abuse and dependence.

16. Organized labor and labor legislation. I believe unions can play a useful and positive role in our economy and that the law should ensure everyone access to reasonable pay and working conditions.

17. The Opioid Crisis: We must improve our delivery of drug treatment to those suffering from this terrible addiction, as we should increase all addiction services to the extent feasible. We must also hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable and doctors and pharmacists as well for over-prescribing pain medication which has become as available as candy.

18. Trumpism: People are constantly asking me whether I voted for or support or like our current President, Donald J. Trump. To be honest, I don't like virtually any of his policies, programs and I especially abhor his lack of truthfulness and integrity. His flirtation with dictatorial leaders such as Putin and others and his vilification of our own justice department and intelligence communities speaks volumes. I did not vote for Trump, nor do I support him and I will work to oust him in 2020. I believe strongly that evangelicals and women who voted for or supported Trump are making a grave mistake.

19. Veterans affairs: I support a strong defense and I am totally disgusted with the way our returning Veterans are treated. PTSD/mental health problems leading to Veterans' suicides must be addressed both with additional funding and legislation. Health care services and other services for Veterans must be top-notch and speedy and medically effective and efficient. Any less would be a national travesty.

20. Political correctness: I plan to tell the public and my constituents the truth regardless of whether it is offensive (within reason) or controversial. In my work as a Christian, the truth always wins in the end.

21. Gambling: I do not support expanding public gambling in the State, and that includes opposing new casinos or any other form of gambling including lotteries. Our reliance on the government revenue from public gaming and lotteries is regressive and is an excessive reliance on a form of activity which is of questionable value to our society. The love of money is the root of all evil.

22. Gay Marriage and LGBQT Rights: I support civil unions and civil rights for all sexual orientations. However, I do strongly believe that marriage is defined as between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. This issue has been settled by the U.S. Supreme Court and I stand with its decision as binding precedent.


More Reasons We Need Jesus!

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More Reasons We Need Jesus!

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. (Romans 1:22)

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. (2 Timothy 3:7)

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness. (1 Corinthians 3:19)

'Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.' (Romans 1:29-32)

I wrote of all the problems people and the planet face in the 21st century in my previous article and how people felt that they are able to take care of themselves. I pointed to the many problems our society faces but I failed to address the reason so many of our middle-class, average’ folks do not see the need for the help of the Savior. Having done a lot of door-to-door canvassing in past years, I see a lot of neighborhoods, yards and houses. Most of those in the middle class or upper-middle neighborhoods are amazingly pristine, well-manicured, landscaped and decorated. These yards and homes are like “little heavens”. The large amounts of time and money put into these “castles” point to a problem. How many hours of hard-work, away from the family, are these bread-winners, male and female, putting in to afford their “little slice of heaven”? How many hours of traffic jams commuting? How many missed little-league games, soccer games, school plays, etc.? America has a culture which is based on the faulty Protestant work ethic. That ethic says if you are financially and otherwise successful you demonstrate your worthiness as a Christian. In other words, work very hard in order to be saved-- but in Ephesians we learn that we are saved through grace, not from works, lest any many should BOAST. (See Ephesians 2:8 - 9) What are spectacular yards but items to be boasted of! Materialism and greed have become rampant in this post biblical, post-modern, post- Judeo-Christian society. Are we becoming a new corrupt, decadent, ultra-materialistic Roman Empire where false Gods merely are there to provide us with material comforts and to defeat our perceived enemies? We are making a hell out of our planet, the only we one know, by trying to sell our souls to have just a little heaven in our personal “castles”. “Home despots” (my father’s term) are those that are selfish and fail to love their neighbors and enemies.

Back to the initial passages from above. We are so arrogant that we really think we are wise! Not only are we fools, but we try to learn more and more nonsense while ignoring the Truth that is right in front of us. “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (2 Timothy 3:7)

When I came to be born again, I realized that I didn’t know everything!!! Learning is fine, but we need to be pointed in the right direction. Science is trying hard to destroy God and to discredit even intelligent design, let alone creationism. I’m studying a college-level Biology book at the moment, and the first few chapters, I’ve found at least three allusions to attacks on intelligent design as foolish malarkey. Luckily, there are a minority of scientists (like the late Albert Einstein) who at least leave open the possibility of God and higher spiritual truths.

Corrupted Government

Our so-called elected government is so corrupt and arrogant that they expect payment for special consideration by special interests in order to “justify” going against the moral and public good. Look at the oil, gas and coal industries. Look at the gun manufacturers’ puppet NRA. The former oppose all attempts to shift away from carbon pollution to alternative energy sources, and the latter wants to arm citizens with cop-killer bullets.

And give teachers M-16s so they can kill intruders armed most likely with weapons they shouldn't even possess!! Back in the 50s, Taylor Caldwell wrote of ancient Rome around the time of and just after Christ in this way. “Rome is not my Rome, the Rome of my ancestors. The Founding Fathers are forgotten, or mentioned only when some politician wishes more infamy. The days of fortitude, faith, and character are gone forever, and the days of courage and discipline. Why then do I struggle? Because it is in the nature of a free man to struggle against slavery and lies. If he falls, then he has fallen in a good fight, if hopeless.” Caldwell, Taylor, Dear and Glorious Physician, p. 177. Likewise, I come to you with the hard Truth to struggle against lies and hypocrisy.

The Namby-Pamby Fearful World of Political Correctness and Other Pretensions

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Our conventional culture is become more and more fearful and politically correct. Any celebrity or person of note who dares make the mistake of saying something which can be construed as controversial risks losing their job and their very livelihood and reputation!

I’ve spoken before of Al Franken, drummed out of the Senate, and now even Roseanne Barr is ostracized from Hollywood for one seemingly racist tweet! Even Seventh Heaven’s Stephen Collins has been blackballed because he admitted that many years ago he touched a child inappropriately. Is there no “statute of limitations” on destroying one’s reputation and career? Could we chastise or otherwise punish them without destroying their entire career and reputation in one fell swoop? Who among their accusers is sinless?

As I’ve tweeted and attributed to my earthly father, “I’ll show you a man (or woman) who never made a mistake and I’ll show you someone who never did anything.” Remember the Prodigal Son? And the adulterous woman who was being stoned? They were forgiven. Jesus forgave his tormentors and murderers on the Cross at Calvary and God forgave us all through faith in His Son and the power of the Resurrection. Stephen forgave his persecutors who were stoning him to death! Paul was forgiven for his persecution of the early Christians in Israel and was made the chief apostle to the Gentiles! Peter denied Christ three times and misunderstood the necessity of Scriptural fulfillment, but he was not only forgiven but given the keys to the early Church. Fear has a way of making otherwise rational and sensible people do terrible things to their neighbors. Let alone that we’re to love our enemies! There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. (1 John 4:18) So therefore, the fearful are not just to be pitied but will end up with eternal punishment! But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. (Revelation 21:8) Do you think we might need Jesus?

Do we want to reduce public life to carefully scripted sound bites and dull, programmatic and censored dialogue or do we want robust, honest debate on controversial issues? I for one must rebuke the #MeToo and other judgmental and condemning approaches to punishing past sins as ridiculous, anti-Christian and terribly wasteful of legitimate talent. We should forgive as we are forgiven, said Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew, chapter 6). People are becoming afraid to speak their mind and to risk public approbation. Enough is enough. God knows our failings and sins and even gross and repeated mistakes. We can weigh the crimes and sins of others and be merciful just as we expect our sins and failings to be met with mercy and forgiveness. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven: (Luke 6:37) Those fearful, busybodies who publicly and privately criticize everyone and everything have led to the “Donald Trump revolution” and we are the worse as a culture for its horrible occurrence. Remember, Al Franken was a champion of women’s and minorities civil rights. Who replaces him? And who after this believes we don’t need a Savior?


Stephen M. Theriault

Stephen M. Theriault is the author of The Practical Guide to Real Christianity and is organizer/founder of International Citizens Against Corruption and Overdevelopment, one of many groups he has begun. (on Facebook) and Avenger-Equalizer blog. Avenger/Equalizer Blog: (also on Facebook and Tumblr, as well as TheJesusReport blog found only on Tumblr.) I am @stevetheriault9 on Steve recently threw his hat into the ring, unsuccessfully, as a petitioning/independent/unaffiliated candidate for CT State Senate, 16th District with his website:


Contrary to Popular Opinion, We Need Jesus!

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Contrary to Popular Opinion, We Need Jesus!


I recently posted (on my Avenger-Equalizer Tumblr blog site and webpage) an article from the Wall Street Journal called “The Enlightenment Is Working” which claimed that “The world has improved by every measure of human flourishing over the past two centuries, and the progress continues, writes Steven Pinker.” Mr. Pinker calls those who see problems in our world “nay-sayers and prophets of gloom and doom.” Needless to say, the world has improved in many areas and in many ways. However, to say that the world “has improved by every measure of human flourishing” is grossly over-stating reality and the increasing problems we have in our troubled society. Whether genocide (Jews, Japanese nuclear bomb victims, Bosnians Serbs, Rwandan Tutsis, unborn children) or violent gun deaths as a symptom of our increasingly depressed and dysfunctional (and superficial, lazy and dishonest) society, such as the increasing number of suicides, many by our own returning veterans, drug overdoses due to opioids and other drugs and the increasingly medicated society we live in with a large percentage of our population on anti-depressants, opiates for pain and relaxation, anti-anxiety drugs and anti-psychotics. There is still considerable hunger and poverty in the world, including in this country, though, as Pinker correctly points out, some of the percentages are a bit lower, though hunger has hardly been eradicated. Anyone who doubts this should visit a soup kitchen in major metropolitan areas or take a “country road” into Appalachia in the mountains of West Virginia. A recent series of articles in the Los Angeles Times pointed out that the homeless population is skyrocketing in L.A. and surrounding areas! With shrinking municipal, state and federal budgets, there are less shelters and substance abuse and mental health treatment centers vital to reducing the homeless population. And developers won’t develop low-income housing unless government steps in and provides money and incentives and planning boards end the racist and anti-poverty exclusionary zoning. Of course, there’s also pollution of the air, land, ocean, lakes and rivers, loss of forests and natural areas and vital wetlands due to over-development, water shortages due to over pumping of dry ecosystems, viral contagions, hunger, wildfires and flooding due to poor development decisions, pointless wars, threat of nuclear annihilation, torture, terrorism, etc. I’m not even counting acts of God such as earthquakes, certain floods and wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc. Yes, we (even the poor) have more technology, money, leisure time, material goods, consumer luxuries and digital electronics including computers, tablets, phones, etc. but if our material wealth and luxurious consumerism is making us so happy, why are we so depressed and anxious and suicidal?? If our wars and wartime mentality is so just and wonderful, why are our soldiers coming home with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) so severe they commit suicide or end up in mental institutions? And if the #MeToo/#Time’sUP movement can be believed, women are increasingly the victims of sexual abuse, assault and harassment and child-directed sex crimes are rampant. Racism, sexism, classism, extreme nationalism and other forms of discrimination and xenophobia are not going away, actually these abhorrent events are going up in number since Trump took office. This is true even though we constantly focus on these issues in the press and in our national and world conversation! How has our increasingly technological, scientific and rational enlightenment been a boon to all these “victims” of the modern and post-modern world? Is our namby-pamby and Pollyannaish press simply glorifying the mundane and crass parts of the world economy which produce money, excess wealth and material luxuries? Our computer and cellphone literacy has skyrocketed, while reading comprehension and knowledge of history, geography, literature, languages, etc., continues to decline and math scores fall well below other developed nations. Our texting prowess has soared while our relationships and marriages flounder in increasing dysfunction. Do people talk directly to one another anymore? Clearly a significant part of our population is being left behind in the “enlightened” flourishing! Unemployment is becoming entrenched for many minority groups (many of all races have left the workforce entirely), while poor and depressed areas in our country and in the third world are an embarrassment when we have corporate CEO’s making over $50 million per year and we have individuals with a net worth over $120 billion, while poor and working-class families struggle to survive on the federal minimum wage which is still under $8 per hour! I’ve recently read books by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both titans of the progressive cause, and they cite the increasingly extreme statistics of wealth inequality and the fact that even the so-called middle class is being squeezed. Our tax code and all our laws and corporate bailouts have caused our economic growth to go to the top 1% of wealthy people in this country (could anyone actually use $123 billion?), while the poor and middle class stagnate and fall further behind the so-called American “dream”? It’s even worse in other less-developed nations. Still think we don’t need a Savior?

Some say that our sophisticated technological fixes will solve our world’s pollution and environmental problems, but as we continue to over-develop, can we keep up? Scientists say the earth is heating up and that we could see an increase in extinction of rare species and increasing sea-level rise (especially if major Antarctic ice shelves melt) which could inundate low lying areas and destroy whole communities and ecosystems. We have already lost over 50% of our coastal and inland wetlands (which provide wildlife and aquatic habitat, nutrient storage, pollution filtration and flood control) throughout the world, and we’ve lost a large percentage of our vital coastal mangrove forests (which harbor fish and other sea life and provide vital nutrients and shoreline stabilization) and we are losing coral reefs (vital habitat for fish and other aquatic life) to pollution and development. And we cannot manufacture healthy, natural ecosystems, mangrove forests, reefs, wilderness and wetlands. In some areas of America and other countries, we are losing, to callous greed and over-development, virgin forests and buffers for rivers and lakes as well as open space for suburban and urban populations which are a vital place for wildlife to thrive and for harried workers to decompress. There are less and less untouched old-growth forests left and roadless areas are being impinged by recreational and energy exploitation. Rather than conserve energy and oil, we want to destroy the last vestiges of wilderness in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska! Don’t you think that Jesus could make a big difference in our environment?

I hear people constantly complaining about this problem and that problem, but when a Savior is mentioned, they almost invariably say “I don’t need any help” or “I can take care of myself.” These answers show pride and ego and an unwillingness to confront the reality that this world is pointed in the wrong direction and in need of Godly intervention. Do we want a “Heavenly Kingdom”? Or will we settle for a depressing, polluted and over-developed, heavily medicated “hell on earth.” With Global Warming we won’t need even to go “down there”! If you look online or in the bookstore, there are literally tens of thousands of self-help and psychology books and thousands more inspirational and spiritual guides. But self-help and inspirational guides are only as good as how they are put to use, much as the Bible and in particular, the New Testament is as good as one puts the commands of Jesus into practice! Greed, selfishness and hedonism have gotten us into the predicament we are in. Therefore, we must not only know the Truth, but we must put the Truth into practice every day. As Jesus said, “Deny thyself and take up thy cross and follow me.”


Stephen M. Theriault

Stephen M. Theriault is the author of The Practical Guide to Real Christianity and is organizer/founder of International Citizens Against Corruption and Overdevelopment, one of many groups he has begun. (on Facebook) and Avenger-Equalizer blog. Avenger/Equalizer Blog: (also on Facebook and Tumblr, as well as TheJesusReport blog found only on Tumblr.) I am @stevetheriault9 on


P.S. I strongly assert that if it were not for Jesus’ intervention, we would long ago have destroyed the earth with nuclear war. Pray He keeps His finger on the button preventing our annihilation. I continue to tell the Truth whether or not people are listening.



Wildfires in Santa Rosa and Meaningful Coincidence

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Wildfires in Santa Rosa and Meaningful Coincidence

Dear Blog Reader

My half-sister lives in Santa Rosa, California, the site of recent deadly wildfires which claimed over 40 lives and hundreds of billions in damage and destruction. My sister and I have not spoken in probably six years, even though I attempted contact more than a few times during this period. Recently I saw her name appear on someone else’s Facebook page and I sent Donna a “friend request”. The request went nowhere, and her silence really hurt and annoyed me. Strange coincidence that just after the request was ignored, a wildfire of unknown origin breaks out just north of her and my brother-in-law’s house. God’s warning for disrespecting and blowing off this evangelist? I’ve forgiven her, but the coincidence makes a valid point. Carl Jung, famous psychologist, once wrote of the fact of “meaningful coincidences” which are against the odds (the coincidence) and are meaningful in that they impart some message, meaning, sign or warning. Could this be a warning to my sister? Don’t think I’m crazy, I don’t claim to be able to be certain or prove this example of Jung’s “Synchronicity” as he called it. But later I left a message on my sister’s cell phone and when I didn’t hear from her, as I was concerned that the fire had spread to their house, I left a message on my brother in law’s cell. Low and behold, to my astonishment, I received a text message from my brother-in-law (not my sister), which said they were OK, just without power and safe outside of the fire zone. Coincidences like these have followed me since 1999 when my evangelistic ministry began. There are other recent examples. Earlier this year, during the winter, a huge boom shook my hometown, near my section of town, and prompted hundreds of calls to police and firefighters. After a thorough search and contacting military officials and other agencies, no cause could be found for this earth-shaking window-rattling “invisible explosion”. What does that mean? The question is, does the world see the signs, warnings, coincidences and other devastating natural and unnatural disasters that I see, and that are unfolding at a time when the anti-Christ is in power in the U.S. -- and Europe and the world are coming apart at the seams? I’ll list a few of the warnings which are signs that mankind should repent and turn to God and stop fawning over money and materialism: TWA Flight 800 (meaning the Lake of Fire), Air Alaska in late winter 2000(in concert with my “beasts needing Viagra“ analogy), 1st WTC bombing and 9/11 (goes without saying and predicted in my book and earlier during my imprisonment), various earthquakes, myriad wildfires, hurricanes (such as Andrew, Katrina, Sandy, Harvey and Irma), floods, droughts, blackouts at Mass. State prison hospitals (Bridgewater), famines, tsunamis, nuclear and chemical meltdowns, deadly bombings (including Oklahoma City), mass shootings at Columbine, Vegas, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook to name a few, etc. When will our world, and especially the extraordinarily gifted and wealthy America finally realize that we are off course and that God is angry and that there will be hell to pay? Men were the leaders of society and they shoulder most of the blame, as the sex scandals of prominent persons, including Mr. Weinstein, Mr. O’Reilly and the President of the U.S. will attest. Please don’t disregard this warning as I don’t know how long He will withhold His wrath and the Judgement Seat of His Son. Don’t be a goat, become an obedient follower and “deny thyself and take up thy cross.” Although many are skeptical and do not listen, I continue to tell the Truth.


Stephen M. Theriault

Stephen M. Theriault is the author of The Practical Guide to Real Christianity and is organizer/founder of International Citizens Against Corruption and Overdevelopment, one of many groups he has begun. (on Facebook) and Avenger-Equalizer Blog and The Jesus Report blog on Tumblr.

P.S. My two former “best friends” were atheists and weren’t always nice to me, blowing me off, criticizing, judging, condemning, like most men. Funny that their last names are “Rotiroti” (round and around in circles), and “Godfrey”. (“God-free” )?. Coincidence, fate, God??? Atheists choose the former, new-agers choose the middle, and I choose the latter.

Do you follow Jesus or His enemies?

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Our Strong Delusion!

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Do not be Deceived.

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Like a Thief in the Night!

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From Whom He Did Predestinate

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