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‚??They-a culpa‚??: Internal Familial Attacks Seek to Destroy Ministry of Love

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 2:05 PM

“They-a culpa”: Internal Familial Attacks Seek to Destroy Ministry of Love

"But Jesus said unto them, 'A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.'" (Mark 6:4 KJV)

We who preach a strong Gospel message expect to get some criticism, persecution and attacks from detractors and those who do not believe the Scriptural truths which sometimes convict and even condemn our conventional culture, but when the source of the attacks is the evangelist's own family, it really stings and smacks of betrayal and hypocrisy. That’s the situation this evangelist is in. My elderly mother is playing the “wicked queen” and my hateful, spiteful sister (possessed by Satan?) is trying to see if she can destroy me, my credibility, my reputation and my ability to get a job or even the ability to volunteer. With my mother’s help, my sister has done a good job, but not good enough. She has spread defamatory lies (accused me falsely of child pornography, debunked by the police themselves) and poisoned my relationship with the Archdiocese of Hartford (Roman Catholic Church), actually calling our local parish priest and spreading lies and half-truths, and also harming my reputation with prospective jobs, references and volunteer opportunities. I have been suspended from teaching CCD classes even though I am the best qualified in the parish, probably in the whole state. (I studied at the New England School of the Bible) “Sister Satan”, the incorrigible liar, just laughs at me and calls me a liar!. She has blasphemed the Holy Spirit, which is the only unforgivable sin (Mark 3:29), being that she called my Christian work evil. (Sister Satan doesn’t even volunteer herself!) My attempts to get a restraining order against her failed, because the gutless judge “didn’t want to put anyone out” and instead admonished the “young lady [what a joke] to avoid making trouble”. The courts almost always believe a woman over a man, and that’s because most men are liars, but this man is not a liar, he is the Truth-teller. After finding out that my sister met with our priest, I have decided I am leaving the false, hypocritical Catholic church for good. (not that I have any illusions about other churches and denominations)

I believe in honesty, humility, simplicity and love. I greatly believe that our world likes “form”, i.e. image, over substance, where I feel that substance trumps form every time as it is Truth and reality. If you have read my book, you will realize that formal churches are being phased out, whether we like it or not. We need a higher level of faith and love than is found in formal church settings where the goal is money and keeping the flock glued to their seats, which is, of course, failing, as the flock is falling away and churches are closing left and right. There is no monetary or ego incentive for a pastor to show his (or her) flock how to grow spiritually (read M. Scott Peck) if that growth would lead them to higher states of spirituality and maybe lead them beyond the doors of the tithe-paying formal church! Young people from 12 or 13 years on are increasingly avoiding church attendance and affiliation. But those that claim to not believe in “organized religion” really don’t substitute informal spirituality, they just fall away and stop attending church. They don’t believe in any religion. Our 80% of the population who claim to believe in God are mostly unsaved agnostics. That’s not spiritual growth, that’s atheism! My lesbian sister and my angry mother both hate heterosexual men, but you can’t really “blame” them as they were abused at a young age by my grandfather. (along with my two female cousins) This is a family story long hashed out. My sister is the angry bull and my mother is the “Betty Crocker”/ “June Cleaver” sort of housewife where image and a smiling face are everything and no one better tell the family secrets lest the truth get out and besmirch the family image. (she so dominated my gutless father that he even did the wash, besides doing almost everything else including the dishes and of course all the outside work) But the truth is that both my Satanic Sister and my Wicked Queen of a “mother” are very negative people who have a great deal of hatred in their cold hearts and which hatred they are turning on this evangelist, the one who does most of the work around the “plantation” and out in the volunteer charitable world. (at least until my reputation was defamed) They want me as a male slave to do most of the work and then turn around and attack, belittle, ridicule, criticize and order me around. (My “mother” claims she is scared of my evil sister.) Even while lying to the police (and in the process calling me a liar) and facilitating the destructive attacks from my sister including emotional abuse (“you’re a worthless piece of shit”, etc.), threats to destroy me or do false charges, defamation of character, thefts, vandalism (Christmas decorations, $60 headphones, poisoned drink, defaced Christian bumper sticker, scratched car, stolen money, misplaced credit cards and remote controls which turn up magically, etc.), my mother goes to church and says the rosary! At least my sister doesn’t have the nerve to show up in church! Although my Satanic Sister is the prime doer of the abuse, my so-called mother is guilty of colluding, conspiring, inciting and enabling my demonic sister to attempt to destroy my life, reputation and good works. It is unforgivable. And even if forgivable, how do you forgive unrepentant liars? The time is coming soon when the tables will be turned!


Stephen M. Theriault


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