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Gutless Police Prove their Mettle in Threatening Dispute

Posted on September 10, 2018 at 8:55 PM

Gutless Police Prove their Mettle in Threatening Dispute

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, I was out mowing the lawn and came in for a drink and was verbally attacked because my mother and sister didn’t like the letter from the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities following up the Discrimination Complaint I filed in August prior to the hearing for Eviction which my mother did against me living in my childhood home. Wednesday, my mother became verbally abusive and told me that she was going to “charge him for the lawyer’s fees to defend the complaint” and intimated that she would “disinherit me” which was echoed by her daughter, my sister (who I call Satanic Sister), who twice threatened me that she was going to “bash in your head” and “I don’t care who knows, I’m going to kill you,” after which she added, “If you say anything against my mother, I will kill you. The police after a long discussion with me at the Southington Police HQ declined to arrest and prosecute my sister Denise, which I find a particularly gutless action by a gutless police force.

[I wanted to add this caveat. My sister isn’t always harsh and abusive to me. About 5 to 10% of the time, she is somewhat nice. For example, last Friday, she gave me a few bucks to go out in the evening and get a beer. Usually I go and drink water. But the problem is these nice periods which used to be up to 30% of the time have shrunk to 10% or less. I call my sister a “shapeshifter” because her lies and “crimes” seem not to register on her conscience and she denies many of them outright. I believe it is possible she has Dissociative Identity Disorder and Borderline personality as well as an anger issue which she projects on me and some anti-social personality tendencies. (she wants Trump dead and now she has proven she wants me dead, too) I am not trying to trash her, just to get her to accept me, good and bad, and live with me. But she has convinced our mother to evict me and maybe disinherit me and the date of eviction is October 15th, though I hope to be out of here and away from these “people of the lie” as soon as possible. The judge during the restraining order hearing (which I filed last December against my sister), though denying the order, said if they attempted to evict me, it would be “a mess.” It is a mess as I am trying to do good (see my Bio at and they seem to think stopping me from volunteering and evicting me during my now discontinued election campaign for State Senate is somehow helping me.  Her lies, half-truths and innuendo about me have defamed my character and made it hard for me to volunteer or obtain local employment. She denies spreading innuendo about me, but she’s telling outright lies and half-truths, on Facebook. The thing is, all the things she attacks me for are older than 3 years, some more than 25 years old. My mother is generally polite but a good portion of the time she is negative and critical and implicitly eggs on Denise, her silence a tacit endorsement of the evil lies and attacks. While Denise is abusive 90% of the time, mother is only critically negative about half, though recently she has “gone over to the dark side” and given in to my sister’s desire to have me evicted, blaming me with the state social worker, as if my sister’s hatred is my fault. I sat there at dinner, as my mother will attest, and my sister will curse and call me “worthless piece of shit” and f****ing asshole, etc” I try to be nice and turn the other cheek, but occasionally she really gets my goat and I respond to defend myself. She also lies like a rug and then accuses me, the most honest person in America, of being a liar! (I’m still doing the lawn, etc.(not “jack shit” as she accuses me of) I can often de-escalate the situation but that usually doesn’t last for long. Denise has trouble letting go of the past and healing, to say the least. (she claims not to be mentally ill.)

My sister has consistently perpetrated emotional abuse, cursing, backstabbing, badmouthing, belittling and harassment, continued criminal acts such as vandalism, destruction of my property, various thefts of items of value, theft of delivered packages, destruction of my $60 headphones last June, adulterating my beverage, etc., throwing bleach on my colored clothes, destroying them, etc.]

You get the picture, the police are, by not arresting Denise, tacitly encouraging, like my mother, illegal and defamatory behavior including crimes against me and my property. Why do we pay taxes to support a police force who does nothing?


Steve Theriault


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