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Mea Culpa, with justification

Posted on September 30, 2018 at 6:05 PM

October 1, 2018

Original production date March 12, 2018

Mea Culpa, with justification

(let’s end the politically correct witch hunt as I’m not DJT)

Dear Fellow Human Being:

Yeah, I’m human. I’ve done some things “wrong”. But I’m not a “witch” and in no way am I similar to Donald Trump. Humans are imperfect, aren’t they? Even Jesus said, when he was addressed as “good teacher” that “There is none good but God.” (Mark 10:18) As I aspire to lead, in whatever capacity God so chooses, I must proactively come clean to prevent my distant and not so distant past, and my many enemies, from clouding the picture of my role and my awesome abilities. When you’re an evangelist, you need to have all your sins and mistakes confessed, forgiven and justified. (One must be redeemed by the blood.) I’ve received that and more. I’m going to exclude so-called minor sins from my youth before I was 18 years old because I wasn’t of the age to fully understand the world or God’s plan for my life. In my late 20’s I sinned against a girl named Dianne by touching her inappropriately and I’ve done some lewd things like masturbate in public in my younger days until like most of us I realized I would get caught. I was a quiet, shy and sexually repressed (at least on the surface) young man who wanted love and had not a girlfriend or romantic relationship until I was nearly 25 years old. God has forgiven and justified me for my so-called sins. I actually confessed the Dianne episode to the State’s Attorney who declined to do anything as no complaint had been made and the statute of limitations had run. The reason I confessed this sin in the first place was not that I had been caught but that the Holy Spirit had “convicted” me in Tallahassee in 1996. (The first step in repenting and being born again. See John 8:9 and various treatises on the subject.) One’s conscience can convict oneself or the Holy Spirit convicts, though the two are hard to tell apart sometimes. The reasons I say I’m justified with Dianne is that 1) she was a stunning beauty who I cared for, 2) we were in a strange sort of threesome with my girlfriend Sue, Dianne’s best friend, traveling and camping together, the three of us. (This happened many years ago, prior to 1989) Diane would kiss me on the lips, touch me lovingly, and Dianne even asked Sue if we could have a full-blown sexual threesome! Also, years afterward, I profusely apologized to her and explained that I had loved her all these years, and I meant it. (I love all people) That doesn’t totally excuse my behavior, but it does not only explain, but in God’s eyes “justifies” it, that is, “just as if I’d never sinned.” (See Romans 8:30, Matthew 12:37, Acts 13:39, Romans 3:24, 28 and various treatises on Christian justification) I also confessed this sin (and the others) to two priests and to psychiatrists, Forgiven, case closed. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9) And also some minor accusations of sexual harassment which were never more than innuendo and were dropped. I was trying to be affectionate and loving, unlike other men, who operate only out of their machismo and inflated egos. I love everyone from the young to the old and male and female and even animals and trees and plants. The accusations by my wicked sister and my confused mother that I am a pedophile or predator are ridiculous and are false judgments and condemnations by two women who hate heterosexual men. My sister defamed me by claiming I was being “investigated by the police for child pornography”, which was patently false and which was confirmed by detectives.) This defamatory statement caused me ultimately to be suspended from teaching catechism at our local church. I assert and I cannot lie, I am not a child predator nor a pedophile in the derogatory usage. I would never harm a child of God.

That is why I am justified and the “last man standing” while other men (and possibly a few wicked women) will have an all-expense paid trip to the “Resort at Fire Lake” complete with all you can fry Fire & Brimstone bar. And for my satanic sister and mother’s accusations, I say that Helen, our housekeeper, is a hypocrite as she used to grab me without my “permission” and hug me and kiss me and she told me at least 4 or more times that she “loved me” and then I absent-mindedly touched her shoulder in genuine affection and she says (with promptings from my sister, who is truly to blame for this false accusation) I “assaulted” her? (this supposed event happened over 3 years ago and she was so “traumatized” that for two Christmases, she still gave me gifts!) My sister, who is out to destroy my ministry, keeps inciting her to exaggerate and dwell on the past. I, for one, do not believe in adultery. Forgiven, case closed. (all these forgiven “sins” assume Godly repentance which is true remorse and change of attitude and heart) Note from previous articles: There is only one unforgivable sin, that is “blasphemy of the Holy Spirit”, “ (See Mark 3:29) “But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation” which has been done in spades by my enemies, not by me. If you don’t understand what this sin is, look it up.

The End of Intimacy?

We are becoming so politically correct and intolerant of intimacy and touching that soon we will all be living in our own bubbles! One woman told me that a “romantic friendship”, i.e. “Friends With Benefits,” arrangement was “creepy!” (I guess she prefers a dishonest, pseudo-romantic friendship) Should I even mention my former haircutter Stacy? Over three years ago, I made a comment that she had pretty feet. You’d think I tried to rape her or kill her. She bad-mouthed me around the beauty shop, and maybe around town. And then there’s my “satanic (adopted) sister. ‘I’ll hold off on a full discussion of her defamation (which has made it hard for me to volunteer) as I tried going to court to get a restraining order against Denise, which was gutlessly denied, even though the judge apparently took my affidavit as true). As for my “felony conviction” in 2000, I was patently innocent and I felt forced to plead guilty (to stalking/harassment) in Pennsylvania only because I knew I wouldn’t get a fair trial and I was offered freedom and probation (after having served six months in Bridgewater State Hospital prison in Massachusetts, where I was locked up with gang criminals and murderers, and put in solitary) (See my blog article and the accompanying Reader’s Digest article on innocent people making plea deals.) The amazing thing is that not only was there a lack of malicious intent, but I was actually trying to save and help this so-called victim, who was so evil that she went after me to cover up her illegal S&M business, including prostitution, tax evasion, illegal drug use, unlawful restraint, aggravated physical and sexual assault, and most likely perjury, bribery and corruption! Likewise, I assert that the Cedarcrest State Hospital episode (2008-09) (photos of God’s beautiful creatures and claims of justification on my website which a stuffy psychologist called “unreasonable”;) was institutional and government overreach and persecution of an innocent evangelist, in violation of my first amendment (and other) rights. Psychology and the justice system just doesn’t get it!

Hypocrisy and a World that Just Doesn’t Get It!

With a Godly man like myself being is being accused of vague “inappropriate behavior” for trying to be affectionate and loving as a Christian is commanded to do, women and many men become totally hypocritical when they condemn sexual misconduct, much of a minor nature, and yet support the holocaust of abortion of millions of unborn children. One abortion rights activist stated that she was “glad that we had a report that over 2 million unborn children were aborted.” That meant to her that the constitutional right to abortion was “alive and well”, no pun intended. How can we condemn a pat on the shoulder or a random comment when we willfully kill our unborn children before they have a chance to even have an opinion on their own fate? And as I stated previously, we seem to want to maximize, rather than minimize, the harm done to women and children, wanting to make political every “bad act” by men to ensure that women are in a morally superior position in order to take over power. However, to their credit, women are far more faithful than men. Therefore, this diatribe is aimed at women only to the extent that they are hypocritical in coming after me, the One who is on their side and offers them an assessment which will condemn most men and bring about the Kingdom of Heaven, which women would welcome if they understood its true composition. We must put aside our mistrust of God and wait for the fulfillment of the covenant of grace which is impending.

Justification, Forgiveness and Making Amends

During and later in my "conversion" experience, to further save me from God’s judgement, I did what the twelve step programs call "making amends", as best I could, in 1998-99 prior to starting Spread the Word Ministries. I contacted all those I may have hurt in my life and expressed my remorse and sorrow for having offended them. I did what I could to make things right. That's all a Christian can do, and it leads to forgiveness and justification, and of course salvation, as described earlier. Also, this whole process is known as being "redeemed" by the blood of Christ. Redemption comes only from repentance through true remorse. “For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world (merely being sorry you got caught) worketh death.” (2 Corinthians 7:10, parentheses added) Also, Jesus and the New Testament call us to a higher law, that is the “law of love.” In fact, if someone truly loves, they are not under the law or the ten commandments, which was merely the summary of the Old Testament’s legalistic approach. “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.” (Romans 13:8) I state categorically that I love all men and women, boys, girls and nature and animals, with all my heart, mind soul and strength, as I love God and my enemies. Therefore, I have “fulfilled the law”! This is justification and redemption!

The Over-Sexualizing of Society (from my forthcoming blog/article)

Our highly technologically-linked society is a communications juggernaut when it comes to imparting values relating to sexuality and relationships. Advertising, TV, movies and other media portray sexuality and relationships in a casual and morally hazy and ambivalent light. Young people watch these portrayals and learn that sex is not sacred, nor tied to love or committed relationships and is now considered a sport, where orgasms are not loving or holy but mere quantitative “highs” like an opiate high. This decimation of sexuality comes with so much focus on sex that we are “turned on” every time we look at TV, movies, magazines or other media. I’m not saying we can or should go back to the mid -19th century, as the conservative, fundamental Baptists and other conservative sects try to do, but we need to learn to reclaim some of our modesty, such as the recent focus on girls (and boys) retaining their virginity until marriage, or at least until maturity. Does anyone wonder why there is so many sexual offenders? Girls dress like whores and get drunk at bars. That, of course, does not give these despicable men license to abuse, but if we want to reduce the rate of sexual offenses and recidivism, we have to look at how females portray themselves in public. We have to face it, that bikini-clad females do elicit a response in males and that is not bad in and of itself. But we must be cognizant of the response and make sure that public shows of sexuality are reasonable and appropriate. In other words, if we want men and boys to act appropriately, women and girls must do likewise. Anything else is just hypocrisy. Sexuality and relationships should not be used as weapons! And obviously sex and love should not be separate entities but should gel and produce real, deep romantic and intimate and Godly relationships.


Like I mentioned in my last blog, I have been touched and fondled without my permission many times by women (and rarely men) and I did not ever make a “federal case“ out of it and in each case I let it go. Women are on an ill-fated witch hunt for sexual predators. Trust that God knows the “witches” from the good guys and will punish those who truly deserve it with unquenchable fire. Let’s end the witch hunt and leave it to God. With Trump as President (the most powerful man in the world! (gasp!), can we really judge men on minor offenses as not worthy of their important positions? I could see men with numerous infractions and more serious offenses being taken down totally, but just minor touching of adult women??? (I know it’s hard to define what is major and minor) They probably should be punished in some form but their careers and lives totally ruined? Why don’t we tie a rope around their neck and attach a heavy rock and throw them in the ocean? That’s the only thing worse than a life sentence for hugging! From my recent Tweet: Current attacks on men for "sexual misconduct" sets the equivalent of a life sentence for even very slight offenses. We should not condemn without discerning the severity of the inappropriate behavior and the extent of extenuating circumstances including sincere repentance.


Again, is our goal to destroy our ability to do good in the world, and are we a Christian or at least a forgiving nation? The #MeToo/#Time’sUp movement is becoming self-righteous and sanctimoniously hypocritical and might be accused of piling on, except that the vast majority of the men involved deserve their punishment because they have treated women like dirt (failure to love) and have not repented, and have no real remorse, most of their apologies being mere pro forma. Does the world want only unrepentant and phony “strategic liars” to rule our media, businesses and government? Or do we want a justified and glorified and totally truthful and Godly, benevolent Man to lead us? A Man who loves everyone unconditionally! That Man’s coming is imminent and His name is Jesus and I for one will continue to tell the Truth, whether people listen or not.


Stephen M. Theriault

Stephen M. Theriault is the author of The Practical Guide to Real Christianity and is organizer/founder of International Citizens Against Corruption and Overdevelopment, one of many groups he has begun. (on Facebook) and Avenger-Equalizer blog. Avenger/Equalizer Blog: (also on Facebook and Tumblr, as well as TheJesusReport blog found only on Tumblr.) I am @stevetheriault9 on


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