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Wildfires in Santa Rosa and Meaningful Coincidence

Posted on October 30, 2018 at 4:35 PM

Wildfires in Santa Rosa and Meaningful Coincidence (re-post)

Dear Blog Reader

My half-sister lives in Santa Rosa, California, the site of recent deadly wildfires which claimed over 40 lives and hundreds of billions in damage and destruction. My sister and I have not spoken in probably six years, even though I attempted contact more than a few times during this period. Recently I saw her name appear on someone else’s Facebook page and I sent Donna a “friend request”. The request went nowhere, and her silence really hurt and annoyed me. Strange coincidence that just after the request was ignored, a wildfire of unknown origin breaks out just north of her and my brother-in-law’s house. God’s warning for disrespecting and blowing off this evangelist? I’ve forgiven her, but the coincidence makes a valid point. Carl Jung, famous psychologist, once wrote of the fact of “meaningful coincidences” which are against the odds (the coincidence) and are meaningful in that they impart some message, meaning, sign or warning. Could this be a warning to my sister? Don’t think I’m crazy, I don’t claim to be able to be certain or prove this example of Jung’s “Synchronicity” as he called it. But later I left a message on my sister’s cell phone and when I didn’t hear from her, as I was concerned that the fire had spread to their house, I left a message on my brother in law’s cell. Low and behold, to my astonishment, I received a text message from my brother-in-law (not my sister), which said they were OK, just without power and safe outside of the fire zone. Coincidences like these have followed me since 1999 when my evangelistic ministry began. There are other recent examples. Earlier this year, during the winter, a huge boom shook my hometown, near my section of town, and prompted hundreds of calls to police and firefighters. After a thorough search and contacting military officials and other agencies, no cause could be found for this earth-shaking window-rattling “invisible explosion”. What does that mean? The question is, does the world see the signs, warnings, coincidences and other devastating natural and unnatural disasters that I see, and that are unfolding at a time when the anti-Christ is in power in the U.S. -- and Europe and the world are coming apart at the seams? I’ll list a few of the warnings which are signs that mankind should repent and turn to God and stop fawning over money and materialism: TWA Flight 800 (meaning the Lake of Fire), Air Alaska in late winter 2000(in concert with my “beasts needing Viagra“ analogy), 1st WTC bombing and 9/11 (goes without saying and predicted in my book and earlier during my imprisonment), various earthquakes, myriad wildfires, hurricanes (such as Andrew, Katrina, Sandy, Harvey and Irma), floods, droughts, blackouts at Mass. State prison hospitals (Bridgewater), famines, tsunamis, nuclear and chemical meltdowns, deadly bombings (including Oklahoma City), mass shootings at Columbine, Vegas, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook to name a few, etc. When will our world, and especially the extraordinarily gifted and wealthy America finally realize that we are off course and that God is angry and that there will be hell to pay? Men were the leaders of society and they shoulder most of the blame, as the sex scandals of prominent persons, including Mr. Weinstein, Mr. O’Reilly and the President of the U.S. will attest. Please don’t disregard this warning as I don’t know how long He will withhold His wrath and the Judgement Seat of His Son. Don’t be a goat, become an obedient follower and “deny thyself and take up thy cross.” Although many are skeptical and do not listen, I continue to tell the Truth.


Stephen M. Theriault


Stephen M. Theriault is the author of The Practical Guide to Real Christianity and is organizer/founder of International Citizens Against Corruption and Overdevelopment, one of many groups he has begun. (on Facebook) and Avenger-Equalizer Blog and The Jesus Report blog on Tumblr.



P.S. My two former “best friends” were atheists and weren’t always nice to me, blowing me off, criticizing, judging, condemning, like most men. Funny that their last names are “Rotiroti” (round and around in circles), and “Godfrey”. (“God-free” )?. Coincidence, fate, God??? Atheists choose the former, new-agers choose the middle, and I choose the latter.

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